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A 1 Auto Glass

Market Analysis

Profile of the Client’s Company:

For all your auto glass needs


We care about your auto glass, we care about your safty and ensure your plesent and enjoyable ride. Clear wind shield and safe installation is

a key to your safty on the road. Only Properly operating window glasses can keep the wind moisture and noise out of your vehicle. Transparancy

of the glasses directly effect the amount of light entering in your vehicle, that can make your vision the best or the verst. At A 1 Auto Glass

we don't compromise upon safty.

Our web site will give us more exposour to our existing and perspective clients.

6. Draw a sketch of the company or organization logo:

Customer profile:

1. Predominant Gender (Estimated in a given time period in 2012) : 53 % male, 47 % female

2. Age (Check all ranges that apply):

no --- 12 and under (Under 18, we don not serve with out parents / gardians)

very few --- 13 - 18

some --- 19 - 29

most of all --- 30 - 59

few --- 60 and over

3. How would you characterize the level of education that the average customer has attained? Check as many as apply.

--- Attending high school, very few

--- High school graduate, few

--- Received vocational or technical certification, many

--- B.A. or B.S., several

--- Graduate degree, some

We never have the access to this information. We can ask our clients only the relavent information that is related with the job

We are just guessing

4. On a 10-point scale related to income, what income level typifies the average customer who would use this site?

To assist with the above question, consider the following definitions for points 1, 5, and 10 on the scale:

1 - Customers that may or may not have computers in the home let alone an internet connection, no disposable income,

only willing to buy if it is a necessity and a bargain

5 - Customers with modem connections (possibly high speed connections), possibly more than one computer,

can afford to buy the products but only after comparison shopping

10 - Customers with fast speed connections, likely more than one computer, can afford to buy the products even on impulse

Average customer income level will 7 on the above scale.

5. What other types of web sites would also interest the typical customers visiting this site (consider hobbies, sports, organizations)?

Auto Work Shop Sites, How to do Things especially Auto Glass Sites, Car Racing, Antique Cars, Canadin Tire, Walmart.

6. What expectations will they have before they arrive at your site? In other words, what do they hope to find at your site?

7. What types of gimmicks (give-a-ways, games, galleries, etc) would attract this person?

8. List the search terms that would most likely attract the target consumer via a web search (include at least a dozen).

Auto, Autos Auto glass, Autoglass, glass, window, wind shield windshield, door glass, vent glass, sun roof, repair, stone chip, crack, Tint Tinting

Safty, Protection, Garage, Vehicle glass, Vehicla, Car, Van automotive, Drive safe, drvesafe, broaken window, smashed windshield. Shatterd window,

Shatterd glass. Shatterd, Back Glass, Side Glass, Mirror, Side Mirror, Back View Mirror, Insurance. Insurance claim, Auto glass mart, Insuance polocy,

OEM, Imported, Domestic. Work Shop. Hyway, High way. Protected. Glass, Safty glass. Light, Transparent, Tint, Tinting.

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